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Breaking the ice: Part I

Maddie #1At 14, Maddy’s been off drugs for one year but is too scared to go back to school – for fear she might relapse.

“That’s where it starts,” Maddy says. “There are too many drugs in school; I can’t handle going back and seeing it… I’m better off at home with Mum.”

Maddy is studying via distance education even though she lives in the heart of Moree. Moree Champion

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On this day: Mt Kosciuszko put on the map

Strzelecki_KosciuszkoON THE EVENING OF 12 March 1840 Polish geologist Sir Pauł Edmund de Strzelecki left his expedition party behind and made the final ascent to summit of the highest peak in Australian alone – or so he claimed.

For more than a century subsequent, a cartological debate raged as to whether Strzelecki actually scaled Mt Kosciuszko (2228m) or nearby Mt Townsend (2209m), though consensus has since sided with the Polish count.

Australian Geographic

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