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Chile knocks out world champion Spain and survives group of death

goalIt took 11 games, three world cups and 64 years, but Chile has finally defeated its former colonial master in the beautiful game and, in doing so, sent the reigning world champion Spain crashing out of Brazil 2014.

Predictions of a “kamikaze” style offensive Chile looked spot on in the opening minutes as “La Roja” talisman Alexis Sánchez created two genuine chances in the opening two minutes of the match. But, against all odds, it was the South Americans’ desperation and desire at the back which won this most crucial of games.

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Santiago erupts as Chile passes to Brazil 2014 Round of 16

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After Chile’s historic 2-0 victory against Spain on Wednesday hordes of “hinchas” poured into the streets of Santiago and headed towards Plaza Italia to celebrate.

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Chilean students end symbolic occupations after 6 months

EstudiantesStudents have voted to end occupations at two of the most symbolic institutes of Chile’s public education system, but have vowed to continue demonstrations after months of protests have failed to achieve significant reforms to the country’s highly privatized, class based education system.


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