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Hundreds of spiders raised in letterbox

1479960539318It’s the stuff of nightmares for most people.

You open your letterbox and a large spider rears aggressively on its hind legs as hundreds upon hundreds of its babies swarm in a seething mass of fangs, bulging black eyes and long, hairy limbs.

But for one Bendigo woman and her two nephews it was a cause for celebration.

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The only barber shop in town: ‘Moree’s never seen anything like this’

Photo: Peter Rae

Photo: Peter Rae

Lloyd Munro jnr wipes clean the cut-throat razor and places a steaming towel around the neck of a grey-haired man wearing high-vis and cowboy boots.

“Moree’s never seen anything like this,” Mr Munro says.

In the same week as yet another of the town’s businesses held a closing sale, Mr Munro opened South Boyz Cutz.

Sydney Morning Herald


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Mystery treasure belonging to king found at Moree

Breast Plate #3BURIED treasure accidentally discovered and secretly donated, the spectre of grave robbery and conflict over land… it’s not the plot to an Indiana Jones sequel but events that took place in Moree.

A local Aboriginal historian has received a historic breastplate which once belonged to a king of North West NSW.Newcastle Herald

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