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Arsenic-laced water threatens to spill into Bendigo’s waterways

r0_0_3184_2123_w1200_h678_fmaxColiban Water is seeking approval to construct a brine lagoon at Epsom in a bid to prevent rising groundwater – laced with hydrogen sulphide, arsenic, dissolved salts and other metals – spilling into waterways in and around Bendigo.



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The only barber shop in town: ‘Moree’s never seen anything like this’

Photo: Peter Rae

Photo: Peter Rae

Lloyd Munro jnr wipes clean the cut-throat razor and places a steaming towel around the neck of a grey-haired man wearing high-vis and cowboy boots.

“Moree’s never seen anything like this,” Mr Munro says.

In the same week as yet another of the town’s businesses held a closing sale, Mr Munro opened South Boyz Cutz.

Sydney Morning Herald


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