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Anti-mosque protesters storm council meeting

r0_306_3264_2142_w1200_h678_fmaxMayor Peter Cox is shocked and disappointed after being escorted from the council chambers by police last night and has said he will call on the state government to intervene after angry protesters stormed a council meeting Wednesday night.



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Council watchdog investigates Bendigo


The state’s local government watchdog has launched an investigation into the City of Greater Bendigo council.

The Local Government Investigations and Compliance Inspectorate provided a written response to the Bendigo Advertiser when asked if it was investigating breaches of confidentiality within the council.


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Great expectations as Bachelet assumes presidency again

On Tuesday, March 11, in her first act as senate president, Senator Isabel Allende will place a red, white and blue sash over the shoulder of Michelle Bachelet, officially making her the first re-elected president of Chile’s modern era.

It will be a moment loaded with symbolism of the country’s struggle to break the shackles of a recent dictatorship and age-old traditions of patriarchy and machismo. Both Allende and Bachelet lost their fathers in the days following the country’s September 11, 1973 military coup.Americas Quarterly

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Direction of a nation at stake as Chileans go to polls

Not every election sparks debate on issues which define individual lives nor offers voters the chance to fundamentally shape the direction of a nation.

This Sunday Chileans will vote for 120 deputies, 20 senators and one president, bringing an end—to the first chapter at least—of a campaign race which has witnessed both the best and worst of the democratic process and vacillated from enthralling to infuriatingly dull to down-right bizarre.Americas Quarterly

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