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Chilean students end symbolic occupations after 6 months

EstudiantesStudents have voted to end occupations at two of the most symbolic institutes of Chile’s public education system, but have vowed to continue demonstrations after months of protests have failed to achieve significant reforms to the country’s highly privatized, class based education system.


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Santiago’s silent march

candlesStudents don black and light candles in honor of the victims of the Juan Fernández plane crash.

“We wanted to make this peaceful and beautiful in memory of the people who died in Juan Fernández,” explained Priscila Hudson Saravia, education student at the Universidad de Chile, referring to the plane crash of Friday Sep. 2, in which 21 died.Sitio Quiltro

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Schools taken over by students

At Manuel Barros Borgoño Boys High hundreds of chairs form a barricade around the perimeter of the school. Students guard the entrance. Inside, the teachers have gone. The boys have left their uniforms at home and invited girls from a neighbouring school to join them in their make-shift camp. They hang out in groups, play table tennis, jam on instruments, skateboard …Sitio Quiltro

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